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The next great American growth story will be built by and for the next America.

Millennials have started already to change the economy. We are building companies, controlling our purchasing decisions, and creating the culture which will define what America will be in the coming decades. Never before have we seen such a huge shift between a new generation and what has come before. The exponential increase in technology is not only changing the daily reality of how we live, it is speeding up the rate of cultural change and allowing for unprecedented innovation and openness.

Millennials are starting to have sufficient impact on the markets through their purchasing power that companies are forced to adapt and cater to their needs. Millennials have been shaped by different experiences and trends that have precipitated the decline of industries, from things as parochial as cereal to as central to the economy as home ownership. Whether the rise of the direct to consumer trend that promises increased personalization in purchasing choices, the growth of the sharing economy, or the increasing numbers of digital natives, Millennials and those after them are changing the ways that businesses have to act, react, and gain market share. As Millennials, and Generation Z after them, comprise 46% of the US population, they require not only attention, but understanding.

TXV is a firm founded for and by millennials, and we have done the work understanding our peers not only on an emotional level, but an academic one.

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