Brandon Allen

Founding Partner | Princeton University

Brandon is our New Englander originally hailing from Boston, MA. After attending secondary school in Chestnut Hill, MA, Brandon received his A.B. in Politics from Princeton University, where he studied Comparative Politics and Political Economy, writing his thesis on 20th century theories of macroeconomic growth of economic development.

After Princeton, Brandon found his way to consulting, working for Stax, a strategy firm that conducts due diligence for over half of the top 20 LBO firms. Brandon then moved to Chartic, a consulting firm that works with companies in the industrial sector. Chartic’s clients are global companies that usually gross $1B in revenue. There, Brandon continued his focus on data analytics, qualitative research, and drawing actionable insights from complicated technical, regulatory, and commercial environments. TXV Partners is pleased to bring Brandon’s strategic insights to the firm.

You shall love your crooked neighbor with your crooked heart.
– WH Auden

Areas of Focus

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Wellness
  • Software

Companies Backed

  • Kambr

Favorite Books

  • Katrina: After the Storm by Gary Rivlin
  • American Pastoral by Phillip Roth
  • Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh

Fun Fact

  • Brandon speaks fluent French and is an avid podcast listener.


  • Reading
  • Watching UT Football (Hook ‘Em!)
  • Being Outdoors
  • Traveling