TXV Partners' Portfolio

Investment Criteria

We seek entrepreneurs and companies that are bold, solve problems, and attack inefficiencies. We like companies with motivated teams and clear missions. We believe in companies that democratize, by making products and services once limited to a few available to more. As such, we need to understand the vision of what the company is trying to accomplish, how it will achieve its goals, and most importantly, why it matters.


TXV’s core focuses are:

  • consumer brands
  • consumer technology
  • enterprise solutions


TXV invests in companies across the consumer and enterprise spectrum at seed and Series A stages. While these stages vary definitionally by geography, we look at the metrics below as defining what a strong Series A round looks for us for in the case of a consumer company:

  • 300K monthly revenue
    DAU/MAU >50%
  • Retention>40%
  • Capital Efficiency
  • NPS >60
  • Month over month accelerated growth
  • Seasoned team
  • Strong market potential


TXV invests across the country, in both tech hubs that are established and emerging. As an Austin, TX headquartered firm, we have a commitment to growing our ecosystem here locally as well as building bridges to other ecosystems across the country.

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