Marcus Stroud


Marcus was raised in the small town of Prosper, Texas. Marcus accepted an offer to play football at Princeton University, where he played all four years. He received his A.B. in Religion, writing his thesis on a historical analysis of American religious and cultural trends in the 20th and 21st Century. After Princeton, Marcus cut his teeth on Wall Street, where he was a fixed income analyst at the largest and leading fixed income electronic trading platform company for institutional investors and dealers. Marcus left Wall Street to join Vida Capital in Austin, Texas, a multi-billion-dollar alternative asset manager. Marcus’ focus at Vida was both internal and external, serving as a member of the team that met with large institutional and private investors for the firm’s flagship and closed end fund. After Vida, Marcus was recruited to lead the Clubhouse Investment Club, a conglomerate of celebrity investors looking to co-invest with top-tier VCs. Marcus sourced deals, conducted due diligence, circulated investment opportunities, and raised funds for individual deals. At TXV, Marcus will focus on fundraising and deal sourcing, with a particular focus on consumer deals.

Brandon Allen


Brandon originally hails from Boston, MA, he stayed in the Northeast to attend Princeton University. At Princeton, Brandon studied Comparative Politics and Political Economy, writing his thesis on the prevailing 20th century theories of macroeconomic growth, which largely focused on industrial output, and how they might be adopted to innovation-based “silicon” economies. After Princeton, Brandon entered the consulting field, working for Stax, a strategy firm that conducts due diligence for over half of the top 20 LBO firms. At Stax, Brandon focused on a variety of product categories, everything from consumer goods to B2B software companies to light industry. Brandon then moved to Chartic, a consulting firm that works with companies in the industrial sector. Chartic’s clients are global companies that usually gross $1B in revenue. Brandon continued his focus on data analytics, qualitative research, and drawing actionable insights from complicated technical, regulatory, and commercial environments. At TXV Partners, Brandon will work on due diligence, deal sourcing, and portfolio management.

Shawn Narosov


Shawn is a born and bred Texan, growing up in Plano. After attending the University of Arkansas, Shawn joined his family’s healthcare firm, working his way up to be one of their youngest executives. In his time at Critical Healthcare Management, Shawn was tasked with responsibilities which ranged from expanding the network of hospitals and pharmacies to defining and implementing a long term strategic vision for the company. Shawn’s experience as an entrepreneur gives him a unique perspective into the day to day of small businesses, from operations and sales to overcoming potential regulatory hurdles. TXV Partners is pleased to bring Shawn’s variety of hands-on experience to the firm as our operator working on expanding TXV’s operational efficiency through partnerships, as well as deal sourcing.

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