TXV Partners strives to have an honest, collaborative process with founders that models our engagement with our portfolio companies. We work to individually define the process for each potential portfolio company and deliver honest feedback, regardless of our ultimate decision.

Sectors of Focus


Health & Wellness

Companies that advance the boundaries of health, fitness, and wellness to enable humans to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.


Enterprise Software

We invest in Enterprise Software that leverages the next generation of technologies to deliver on-demand, personalized solutions that enhance business productivity.



Consumer companies with strong, scalable brands with the ability to empower and inspire consumers.

TXV does not invest in deep tech, media, medical devices, energy, pharmaceuticals and biotech, and green technology. We tend to avoid hardware and other asset-heavy business models.

Investment Criteria


We partner with experienced professionals – this often looks like deep subject matter experts or those with significant experience as serial entrepreneurs.


We invest in companies with meaningful traction. This can be in the form of revenue, users, partnerships, downloads, et cetera. While we do not invest in pre-product companies, we have made exceptions by partnering with phenomenal teams that are still perfecting their product – i.e. pre-revenue.


We love partnering with founders with big visions, and these visions require big markets. We invest in companies that are targeting, or will eventually target, the largest markets (i.e. billions in addressable market). We understand that the market now may not be the market in the future, so we place a high emphasis on ownership of the market both as it is and as it potentially could be.


We love backing products that upend existing markets and business models. Consequently, we place a high emphasis upon the unique competitive advantages – whether technical, cultural, or people based – that companies can bring to the table.


We invest in companies that have cultures oriented towards high standards of excellence, accountability, and integrity. As Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and we like to spend a substantial amount of time with teams, formally and informally, to understand the team culture of a company.

Stakeholders in Our Fund

We firmly believe that venture is an industry that is non-zero sum. We partner with investors, entrepreneurs, and other firms to drive value.


Serving entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of what it means, for us, to be venture capitalists. Without the successful identification, investment, and support of founders, the whole venture capital model falls apart. As such, we put founders at the center of our efforts every single day.


We developed deep relationships with our earliest investors; they became our partners in what we set out to accomplish as a firm and as professionals. Today, we know that our investors are the only reason that we get to do what it is that we love, and we take their trust in us seriously. In our dealings with our investors, we are ever-mindful that we are the stewards of their capital, and we commit to being completely transparent and communicative about where their hard-earned capital is going. Our top priority is securing returns for our investors while maintaining relationships of trust and dependability.


We recognize that different firms have different strengths when it comes to supporting portfolio companies. As such, we are very intentional about building relationships with other firms, especially when their strengths complement ours. We are committed to building strong partnerships with other top firms to build the success of our portfolio companies.

We are committed to building strong partnerships with other top firms to build the success of our portfolio companies.

Diverse teams create great outcomes.

Choosing which companies to back takes strategic focus.