TXV Nexus


TXV Nexus is our proprietary network of founders, professionals, professors, students, and subject matter experts that all have the same mission: to help build great companies and change ecosystems.

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Texas Nexus

In creating the Texas Nexus, we want to offer members opportunities to network, join fast-growing startups that are poised to change the world, gain an inside look at the industry, and participate in a vehicle for social change and economic growth.

We have quarterly cohorts of visionaries and visionaries-in-training that could benefit from the resources of TXV. These cohorts bond and build, create and collaborate, help and holler with each other.

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We would love to hear from anyone who shares our mission and could benefit from being a member. Please send a resume to the email below, and we’ll reach out within a week.

One Common Goal

TXV was started by individuals who believe that young, diverse perspectives are needed in an asset class that is oftentimes neither young nor diverse. From the beginning, we knew that building a team was critical to shepherding the next generation of great companies. We invite you to join us on the journey that has changed our lives, as we change everything, together.

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Choosing which companies to back takes strategic focus.