The founders that we work with are driven, visionary, and have a deep sense of how their product or service will change the world. We treat our founders like our partners, and we communicate with them frequently, looking to add value at every stage.


Industry: Health & Wellness | Stage: Seed

Future.Fit is delivering the best tech-enabled fitness training experience by connecting elite coaches with consumers through a combination of platform and wearable technology.

Future.Fit is going to change the way that we train by leveraging technology to deliver customized elite trainer-created workout plans and biometric measurements for your workouts.


Industry: B2B Software | Stage: Seed

NameCoach makes it easier to build personal connections by eliminating name mispronunciation through easy-to-learn audio pronunciations.

NameCoach is built around two simple premises: pronouncing someone’s name is a sign of respect, and in an increasingly globalized society, the bank of names that one must know is increasing. Namecoach aspires to a world where nobody feels disrespected when their name is mispronounced, especially publicly.


Industry: Enterprise Software | Stage: Seed

Kambr is building the future of aviation by providing consulting and software solutions to lift revenues for airlines.

Kambr is taking today's capabilities surrounding automation and intelligence – both human and machine working together – to enhance control, grant insights, and offer predictions for airlines. Kambr will help airlines maximize all that they offer.

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